You may or may not know that I am in the publishing industry because I love books. Before you say, “Of course, it’s a given in business to love what you do,” I would like to share how having a book could provide some of the best SEO available.

Many people don’t realize the power of a book for bringing you to the top results of almost any search. Amazon is very strong in the world of SEO, so if you have a book on Amazon, you and your business are extremely findable even if you don’t have a very strong online presence.

For example, this morning, I Googled the name of a client I would be visiting in the afternoon. It was difficult to find out much about this individual except that she had written a book in 2018. She had no image, no LinkedIn profile, yet because she’d written a book, she was ranked very high on Google. Try it for yourself—search the name of someone you know who has written a book, or search yourself if you’ve written one. Chances are the book will be right there in the top search results.

Not only does writing a book enhance your searchability, but it puts you in the 1% of professionals who can call themselves authors. Because so few professionals publish books, those who do stand out in their fields as authorities in their subject matter. Authorship is an accomplishment that many people hold in high regard, and it lends you a level of expertise unlike anything else. It gives you the power to say, “I wrote the book on it.”

Even in the digital age, and perhaps partially because so much is centered online, print books hold a high level of credibility. That credibility allows many authors to book more speaking events, charge higher speaking and consultation fees, and generate more business overall. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen someone’s career take off after they published a book. The reality is that most people want to write a book, but they never make it to the finish line. The ones who do become more findable, memorable, and authoritative.

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