Behind every impactful book is a dedicated team of vision keepers, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to ours!

Maryanna (CEO & Business Strategist) is a visionary with a knack for guiding others toward success.

Heather (COO and Ghostwriter) is a teacher at heart with over 16 years of experience and a master at connecting with authors and their stories.

Beth (CTO, Ghostwriter, and Brand Specialist) is known for her problem-solving skills and crafting engaging brands.

Megan (Ghostwriter and Editor) refines authors’ voices to create impactful books that resonate with audiences.

Jennifer (Editorial Team Leader, Ghostwriter, and Quality Control Expert) ensures every manuscript shines with precision and clarity.

Rachel (Cover and Book Interior Designer) brings beauty and functionality to every cover and page she designs.

Nation (Media Specialist, Photographer, and Graphic Designer) captures and shares the visual side of impact stories with creativity and passion.

Jodi (Ghostwriter and Editor) believes in the power of human connection and her multicultural experiences bring depth and richness to her writing.

If you’re ready to turn your impact story into a beautiful book, we’re here to help. You can book a call with Maryanna HERE to start your journey towards becoming a published author and sharing your message with the world. Let’s build your business together!