Peek behind the curtain with us! Here’s a look at the journey to creation of ‘Reflections of a Wildlife Photographer’ by Christ Troupis! From the first spark of inspiration to books in hands, here’s how it all unfolded:

The author, Christ Troupis contacted us based on a referral from a wonderful author and illustrator, Lisa Neichin. Lisa is the author of a children’s book called Mr. Fluffypants.

Christ met with the Aloha team and shared his vision for creating a photography book using some of the stories he sends out in a weekly email.

The Aloha team and Christ came up with the idea to make the photos and the stories chronological throughout the year giving the book a 52-photo structure. Team members Heather and Nation collaborated with Christ on which of his photos would work best for this book. Since he has more than 20,000 edited photos we had lots to choose from as we developed the book.

Christ provided stories for each of the chosen photos and our editorial team got to work on the editing process.

Next, the front and back cover images were chosen, the final title and subtitle were determined, and paper types and book trim size were selected. These are important decisions to make as they all have a big impact on the final look and feel of a book. 

In the interior book design phase, there was back-and-forth between our interior book designer, Rachel, other members of the creative team and Christ. Everyone was able to work together seamlessly because the author was very clear with the overall vision we created together. He worked extremely well collaborating with the team as a first time author.

There were four rounds of proofreading on both image clarity and the stories within the book. The author did the final review prior to print and since he was out of the country (taking more photos!), this was done via Zoom.

Finally, the files went off to our favorite high quality offset printer and four weeks later the shipment of books arrived to our office and warehouse in Eagle, Idaho. 

Christ Troupis brings his unique perspective to the beauty of nature with captivating images that evoke vivid thoughts, memories, and narratives. As photographer and writer, he invites you to embrace the lives of animals and birds from around the world and the stories they inspire. Purchase your copy of Christ’s stunning book HERE