We recently had the opportunity to work with Christ Troupis. Christ (pronounced ‘Chris’) is a retired trial lawyer turned passionate wildlife photographer. His heart’s desire was to publish a coffee table book of his photographs with their accompanying stories. We were excited to partner with him on this endeavor. Maryanna recently sat down with me in the Aloha Media Studio and answered a few questions about the process of working with Christ.

Q: What was it about Christ Troupis’ photography and storytelling approach that compelled Aloha Publishing to publish Reflections: Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer?

A: The photography was breathtaking, and Christ had the right vision about what he wanted to accomplish. He takes great pictures, but he also has stories that make each photo extremely compelling. Every single image has a story about how and why it was taken. Christ is a humble, really cool guy. We loved working with him.

Q: Can you describe the collaboration process with Christ on this project?

A: Christ had over 24,000 photos, so we asked him to bring his top 150 or 200. The book is chronological, covering the entire year with 52 photos and accompanying stories. The collaboration was amazing. Not only was Christ highly organized, but he really appreciated the part our creative team played in designing the cover and interior, including background colors that enhanced his photos. He graciously allowed us to do our thing.

Q: How does the Reflections book project stand out within your portfolio of published works?

A: We love doing visually strong coffee table books. This book project was so enjoyable due to the author, editorial team, and creative collaboration. There is so much information in this book that is valuable to the reader.

Of the more than 400 book projects I have worked on, this one is in my top ten.